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MY PROCESS | The 6 Steps I Take to Work Through Emotional Triggers

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Step One - Awareness

I first have to know and understand that I have been triggered. I am very connected to my body when it comes to certain emotions. Recently I had an experience while reading an email. My cheeks flushed, and my stomach flipped over and began churning. This is what I have come to identify as a CHARGE. The emotions generated a big surge of energy in my body.


Step Two - Release Some of the Charge

A few ways a charge in the body can be released is through the arms, legs, and mouth. When the charge becomes high, my first step is to reach out and begin a dialogue with others about the situation. I do this first to protect my recovery. I need to let others know when I get thrown off the beam because I am vulnerable while in that state.


Step Three - B R E A T H E

This happens immediately, but once the charge begins to lessen in intensity, I can tap into the breath with mindfulness and deeper focus. This helps to calm my nervous system and brings me back into a more logical thought process.

For me, steps one through three happens within the trigger's first hours.


Step Four - Feel the Feelings

Now that I am in a place where I feel connected to my support network and have lowered the charge physically, I can begin to allow myself to sit with some of the feelings. I try not to label the feelings, not be afraid of how they feel, and FEEL.


Step Five - Moving the Charge Out

Using my favorite tools, I will work to move that energy out. Those tools for further release include prayer, handwritten journaling, tapping (EFT), energetic breathwork, and yoga practices. The intensity of the charge will often dictate which tools I will pull in.


Step Six - Continued Learning

I choose to look at every event as an opportunity for growth. Some triggers don't happen often enough to learn to move through them quickly. Other smaller triggers that happen more frequently give me the ability to sharpen the process and move through it quickly, so not much energy is given to it. Every small trigger builds my skills to manage the bigger ones better.

For me, steps four through six can happen quickly or over several days.


I hope you can use some part of my process to support your triggered emotions.

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