• We have a  curriculum for instructors to follow, including key teaching points.

  • Our curriculum combines the seven chakras with the Twelve Steps of recovery.

  • Our training modules are online and two small modules to do at your own pace.

  • It is required to attend all training hours and pass the quiz at the end of training to receive a certificate.

  • Training begins with the One-Hour Introduction to Yoga4Sobriety module, which you can start at any time.

  • We offer three levels of training:  

    • Certified Yoga Instructor​ - Gives instructors the basic structure of a Yoga4Sobriety practice.

    • Advanced Certified Yoga Instructor - Teachers complete a self-study with shared homework to prepare for running educational groups before class.

    • Yoga4Sobriety Ambassador - Taking studies further to round out the Yoga4Sobriety skill set to work closely with individuals one-on-one.

  • We offer financial assistance for the Core Curriculum module to those who qualify.

Yoga4Sobriety Training



  • You want to support people who are practicing the Twelve Steps of recovery.

  • You are interested in working with the seven chakras.

  • You are comfortable teaching beginners and a slower-paced class.

  • You are an adaptable teacher.

  • You want to deepen your Yoga4Sobriety practice.


Step 1

Subscriber for the Yoga4Sobriety Curriculum Catalog. This will give you an overview of the program. An email will be sent with a link to the virtual flipbook.

Step 3

Apply for Financial Assistance or the Sharhonda Moore BIPOC Scholarship.  If this step does not apply to you move on to step 4.

Step 2

Begin right now with the one-hour Introduction to Yoga4Sobriety module.  This module is non-contact and required to be finished prior to the 24-Hour Core Curriculum.


Step 4

Register for an upcoming 24-Hour Core Curriculum training.

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Yoga at Home
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The first Friday of the month, 5:30 PM Eastern

Thanks for registering for our event. See you there!


Yoga4Sobriety 24-Hour Teacher Training, written and presented by Gwen R., is THE MOST comprehensive teacher training designed specifically for the recovery community.  The zoom format, weekly asana practice, and well-put-together chakra & 12 Step themed study materials provided an in-depth yet simple hands-on approach to learning and teaching the material. I finished this training feeling well equipped to build chakra-based & 12 Step themed yoga classes to share with my community.

Gwen’s passion and knowledge for the chakras and recovery community really shine through in this well-balanced training.  If yoga, the chakras, and the recovery community interest you, Gwen’s Yoga4Sobriety 24 Hour Teacher Training is an absolute MUST.  I cannot wait to continue gaining knowledge and growing understanding through Gwen’s advanced training.


—  Colleen C., Maryland