72,000 drug overdose deaths estimated in 2017


23.5 million = number of people in active recovery in 2012

(Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services)

Be Part of the Solution

Teacher Training


Learn how to bring an understanding of the chakras in line with the Twelve Steps of recovery.

Support your students as they learn how to walk through life using the Twelve Steps of recovery as their guide. Bring them to a deeper understanding of their own bodies as they learn to handle raw emotions head-on. Dive into an understanding of the chakra system - energy centers that are influenced by physical, mental and emotional experiences. Bridging chakra based poses and exercises along with the language of Twelve Step recovery help students become aware of what is going on in their bodies and how to find comfort without escape. 


Training modules are open to:

Yoga Teachers (CEUs available)


Energy workers

Sponsors/Recovery Coaches

Anyone who wants to learn more about the chakra Twelve Step connection


Y4S Certifications

Training modules may be taken in any order unless there is a prerequisite.  Access to additional resources will be granted once 15-Hour and Advanced training is complete.  Ambassador level resources will be granted once 15-Hour, Advanced and Ambassador training is complete.


Y4S Certified Yoga Teacher


Y4S Advanced Teacher

  • Advanced Training - Sets you up to teach the Y4S lessons with the yoga practice

    • Module 1 - Making the Chakra Step Connection

    • Module 2 - How to Run a Group (Prerequisites 15 Hour Core Curriculum and Module 1 Making the Chakra Step Connection)

  • Access to all lessons

  • Access to workshop purchases

  • Highlighted listing on the Y4S Teachers page


Y4S Ambassador 

  • Ambassador Training - Sets you up to support clients who may have issues arise on the mat

    • Module 3 - Trauma Education for Yoga Teachers

    • Module 4 - Practical Skills - Supporting Students with Anxiety and Depression

  • Access to all additional lessons, retreat kit purchases, and  workshop purchases 

  • Top listing on Y4S Teachers page

  • 15% discount on selected Y4S purchases


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Founded October 2013 YOGA4SOBRIETY LLC 2020 is not affiliated with any Twelve Step organization. 

The Camel Clubhouse

Yoga4Sobriety Studio and Training Center

117 W. Ward St. 2nd Fl.

Hightstwon, NJ 08520