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Meditation4Sobriety Retreat

Rooted in Recovery with Tanya D.
Friday, June 7 through Sunday, June 9, 2024



Practicing Yoga

Barb Q., NJ

Yoga4Sobriety has enhanced my life as a recovering alcoholic by recovery-themed yoga, learning about the chakras, and breathing. These practices have improved my life immensely. I’ve also been part of meetings, and Yoga4Sobriety has provided me a place to grow in recovery with a community of people that I’m very grateful to have in my life. 


I learned about Artist Way, which helped me discover a whole new dimension about myself. 


Gwen R. walks the walk and talks the talk and has been a blessing to this community.  Every class is taught with love and offers a place of safety.

Happy Meditator

Anonymous client from Lifeback, NJ

Yoga4Sobriety has helped me reconnect with, bring awareness to and understand my body. However I feel the real gift Yoga4Sobriety has given me is my reconnection with self. By combining the chakra system with the twelve step program I have gained a greater understanding of my strengths and weakness and how to bring balance back to my-self. This self knowledge combined with body knowledge, allows for me to feel whole again. This practice is something that has tremendously helped me and that I hope to continue to utilize throughout my life. Namaste.

Leg Extension

Anonymous client from studio classes, NJ

Practicing yoga in the framework of Yoga4Sobriety has enriched my entire recovery experience. One the main areas for me has been in my ability to release stored trauma from my body. It's helped me experience awareness, acceptance in a physical way and given me tools to take action to let this stuff go. I've seen a lot of change in my strength,energy and overall feeling of being grounded by making a commitment to do this kind of work. It's been a gentle process and very healing.

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