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Level One
25-Hour Core Curriculum
Feb 20 - Apr 10, 2025

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Upon Registration, You Begin A Self Paced One-Hour Yoga4Sobriety Foundations Module

Your eight weeks at a glance:

  1. First Chakra Steps One Two Three

  2. Second Chakra Steps Four and Five

  3. Third Chakra Steps Six and Seven

  4. Fourth Chakra Steps Eight and Nine

  5. Fifth Chakra Step Ten

  6. Sixth Chakra Step Eleven

  7. Seventh Chakra Step Twelve

  8. Final Presentation including:

    • Review​

    • Marketing Basics

    • Types of Addictions

    • The Language of Recovery

GwenRebbeck_202204491_Jul 07 2022_Web.jpg


Training covers these topics and more:

  • Tips for teaching the recovery community

  • The Twelve Step chakra connection

  • An overview of each chakra

  • Balanced chakras

  • Excess and deficiencies within the chakras

  • Traumas and abuses within the chakras

  • Yoga4Sobriety breath and mudra connections

  • Experiential yoga for each chakra Twelve Step practice


  • Access to the 1-hour foundations of Yoga4Sobriety

  • Eight weekly 3-hour sessions

  • Seven Yoga4Sobriety classes 

  • 14 hours of chakra Twelve Step Education

  • PDF Training Manual

  • Marketing suggestions and promotional materials

Teachers must attend all hours of training and pass the final exam to receive certification.



No training dates are set at this time. Stay tuned.


Financial assistance is available for those who qualify.

Yoga4Sobriety 25-Hour Teacher Training, written and presented by Gwen R., is THE MOST comprehensive teacher training designed specifically for the recovery community.  The Zoom format, weekly asana practice, and well-put-together chakra and 12-step themed study materials provided an in-depth yet straightforward, hands-on approach to learning and teaching the material. I finished this training feeling well-equipped to build chakra-based and 12-step-themed yoga classes to share with my community.

Gwen’s passion and knowledge for the chakras and recovery community shine through in this well-balanced training.  If yoga, the chakras, and the recovery community interest you, Gwen’s Yoga4Sobriety 24-Hour Teacher Training is an absolute MUST.  I cannot wait to continue gaining knowledge and growing understanding through Gwen’s advanced training.


—  Colleen C., Maryland

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