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One Breath at a Time

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Hi Everyone, this week we read up to page 66 Don't Know. We talked about Right Intention, and how that determines skillful action, Understanding God, and the Three Refuges in Buddhism - The Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha and how taking refuge means committing oneself to the deeper meaning of each.

This week's question for contemplation is what are you willing to commit to? What have you used or do you use as a refuge that perhaps isn't working for you anymore?

I know for me, that I have used food as a supposed refuge from my feelings. I am now willing to "commit myself to looking for the truth of how things are" ( refuge in the dharma)p66 rather than seeking comfort in external things. I am also willing to "commit myself to being mindful, to being conscious, in every aspect of my life" (refuge in the Buddha) p65 This is a continuing and ongoing process for me but one that I work on with daily meditation and spiritual practices. The difficult part is in "every aspect of my life" as there are some things I'm very mindful of, like commitments and showing up for others, and other times I'm not as mindful, like when snacking or mindlessly eating.

I use gratitude as a refuge that greatly helps me stay centered and so "I will remember to be grateful to all that makes this life and this practice possible" (refuge in the sangha) p66 I have a gratitude journal that I write in every night and that helps keep me connected to the "web of sangha" p65 Complaining and blaming others is how I used to find refuge, but no longer.

What about you?



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