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Hi Everyone, this week we read up to p46 How Can I Believe. This week, there was quite a lot in the reading, like the changing and evolving concept of your Higher Power in Recovery. We also discussed the Three Characteristics of Existence: suffering, or unsatisfactoriness called dukkha; impermanence or anicca; and No-Self, or anatta.

These are big concepts but so essential to understand, so here are your comtemplation questions for the week:

In what ways does the unsatisfactoriness of life (dukkha) still show up in your life, even in recovery?

How has/does the idea of impermanence help to free you from this suffering?

If I am not my thoughts, my emotions, my name, my possessions, my past, or my job, then what am I? (No-Self) Since all of these things are impermanent, is there a permanent I?

Hi everyone. This week we read up to pg. 37 so we will be starting there next week. We discussed "coming to believe" in terms of a higher power and ceasing fighting "whatever war we are fighting" . I appreciated how meditation lets us see our judging mind and question if our opinions are really ours? "once we see the habitual, relative, and conditioned nature of our opinions, it becomes easier to open to new ideas" pg.36

Our contemplation question for the week is what opinions have you had to revise or let go of in recovery that you previously thought identified you? Are there any?

And where have you " mistaken the movie of (y)our mind for Truth" pg.33?

For me, I thought that if I wasn't one with the crowd, I was nothing. I did whatever I needed to do and thought whatever I needed to think to…


Hi Everyone, We read up to pg. 30, Step Two so we will be starting there next week. I appreciate the discussion we had tonight about the "unsatisfying quality" of life that some call suffering, and beginner's mind and how we use our meditation practice in our lives, off the cushion.

So a contemplative question to consider and discuss here that was brought up at the end of the meeting was how important it is to have a group to share with to get the most out of our practice.