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Hi Everyone, this week we read up to pg 137, so we will be starting step six next week!! We discussed Right Listening and talked about how it can be applied to meetings where you listen more than you talk. We also talked about those things that supplement our recovery journey, like Yoga, meditation, walks in nature etc...

So here's this week's question: on pg 133 He suggests that when we get bored or frustrated at meetings we begin to investigate our own aversion "What was said that triggered those thoughts and feelings? What in me was reacting to those words?"

Have you done this while at or after a meeting and what have you discovered?

For me, there were/are certain people whose shares really work my last nerve, and I had to work on applying this principle. I had to ask myself why it bothered me so much and remind myself that even if she was sharing about her cat for the thousandth time, it must be what she needed. I found that I needed to let go of my judgment about what was appropriate to share and just find compassion for the person's suffering, no matter what it was. This is an ongoing practice for me, not something I do perfectly or all the time, but at least now I'm aware of my own judgments getting in the way and try to see how it relates to my own experience. I discovered in this case, that I felt like I didn't get to share about the loss of my cats when I went thru it, and that was part of my aversion to her share. Of course, I wasn't in 12 step meetings at the time so....

What about for you?


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