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One Breath at a Time

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Hi Everyone, This week we read up to pg 124 "In Asia,..." We are in Step Five now and talked about sharing and vulnerability and positive inventory and how hard that can be for us.

So here's a contemplative question for you: how well do you accept compliments and have you learned the difference between acknowledging your positives and bragging from a place of ego?

For me, this is a continuing practice and often not a clear line. I have learned and continue to practice saying thank you without disqualifying or trying to lessen what someone says, but it still doesn't quite feel natural. I'm better than I used to be, but I aspire to get to a place where I am as comfortable acknowledging my gifts and talents as the Nigerian musician in the reading who said "Here's a beautiful song I wrote" p113 I'm not there yet. Chris shared about our gifts being expressions of channeling God and our diminishing them diminishes God, is a helpful way for me to think about it.

What about for you? How comfortable are you with your gifts and talents and good?


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