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One Breath at a Time

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Hi Everyone, this week we finished Step 2 and began Step 3. We read up to pg 55 "When you're on the road...." so we'll begin there next week. We had a great discussion about the line "just because a teaching "feels right" doesn't mean it is right" p47 and how "You should also check with the wise"... someone who is "living a skillful life"p47

We also discussed how in Step 3, "When we "make a decision" we are committing ourselves to our spiritual life, committing to placing that at the center of our lives, as the guiding principle." p51

So this week's contemplative question is what have you committed to placing at the center of your life and how has that affected your behavior in the world? Do you still freak out if there's meat in your burrito? p54

For me, I have committed to placing my recovery and my spiritual journey at the center of my life but unfortunately, that doesn't always translate to my behavior. I set an intention every day that I write as an affirmation and share it with many people but I still struggle to live it on certain days. I use the tools of pausing and trying to remember the higher purpose of my life and live from that place, not my ego self, but I'm definitely a work in progress. I do try to show up without the drama as much as I can and use awareness to not sweat the small stuff, but not always successfully. However, the program of AA does help me to quickly admit when I've acted unskillfully and to make amends right away. So definitely progress.

What about you?



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