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One Breath at a Time

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Hi Everyone, This week we finished Step Three and so will start Part Two Investigation and Responsibility (pg 87)next week with Step Four. We talked about Too Much Wisdom vs Too much faith and discussed "the irony of spiritual practice is that before you can really let go of ego, you need to have a healthy ego" p83 Would love to hear more thoughts about what a healthy ego means to you and why it's necessary to have one before you can let go of it.

The contemplative question for the week concerns this quote on P84 "Many of our decisions in regard to our spiritual life don't even have to be decisions. If we practice sincerely, things will unfold naturally." What are your thoughts about the necessity of making a decision and where/when have you experienced this in your recovery journey?

For me, I think that choosing not to make a decision is a decision of sorts, but that being said, choosing to go with the flow and not consciously choose this path or that path has often saved me from much unnecessary drama/suffering. The key for me in this is the big IF..."if we practice sincerely", and I have found that when I am sincere in my intentions and practice, then things tend to flow better no matter what decision I make or don't make.

What about you?


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