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One Breath at a Time

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Hi all,

Tonight we read to the top of page 17 under the section Powerless, not Helpless.

The question for contemplation this week concerns "spiritual bypass" (p12) and how/when you may have used spiritual practice to "get over, get out, avoid" '"to try to get around more earthly problems... " rather than deal with them mindfully or skillfully. Can you relate to that?

Also on page 14 Kevin says "Buddhist teachings are said to "reveal what was hidden" and to "hold a lamp in the dark". What has been revealed to you through your meditation practice?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts here.


Carolyn Bean
Feb 04

Meditation has truly been life changing and I can see how "hold[ing] a lamp in the dark" relates to it. I kind of equate reviewing my day during my meditation to having a test graded in school. While I'm taking the test (going through my day) I have a general idea as to what I'm getting right or wrong. There may be a few I went through quickly and thought I got right but by slowing down and taking a closer look (having it graded), I can see I missed the mark. Then there are a few things I'm unsure of in the moment but by reflecting the answers are provided. While I do learn by studying and taking the test, it's really once it's graded and I see the answers (meditation) that my understanding and knowledge increase. This practice also heightens my awareness so as I'm going throughout my day, I'm more mindful of my thoughts and behaviors. To say the least, it's been enlightening 🙂



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