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Hi Everyone, this week we read up to p 131 Right Listening. We talked about Right Speech and Noble Friends and Conversation and how important it is in recovery.

What has been your greatest tool when it comes to Right Speech and/or having Noble friends and conversation. Has it been being able to pause? Or perhaps changing your language? even in your self talk? or perhaps watching the tone of your speech and acknowledging that "nicey nice" speech isn't good, but that it's how you make people feel that is what's important.

I know this has been true for me. I discourage texting anything of importance or anything emotionally charged for that very reason...the other person doesn't hear your tone and can read it wrong, and in my experience, they usually do. I try to take responsibility for this and try to remember to text, "can we talk?" rather than do the talking via text. This is an important part of right speech for me in this texting world we live in. Also, being very precise and careful with my choice of words, as I truly believe in the power of the words themselves, and so choosing ones that are less harsh, and more open-minded helps me. Like avoiding absolutes, like never, always, and judgments in general

What about you?


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