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So you have come into a program of recovery and you are on this journey that has a spiritual path. You may have a HP (Higher Power) from before recovery or have turned away from a HP you once had. Maybe you never had one at all? In any case my experience has shown me that no matter where I am, continued spiritual growth is necessary. I have been able to coast for periods of time being completely disconnected only to end up in a bad place that leaves me with a choice, go back or move forward. Going back is not an option for me. I continue to push forward learning more ways to make a stronger, deeper, more meaningful connection with the HP of my understanding.

  • Start where you are. The simple act of being still and quiet can speak volumes in the practice of cultivating a deeper understanding of your HP.

  • Try not to overthink it all and let the magic happen. Millions of people for thousands of years have been drawn to spiritual practices, practices that are continued today around the world in many faiths. Could they be onto something?

  • Let go of fear, open your mind and explore. Read books and try to learn the deep meaning behind spiritual rituals. You may find yourself being drawn to one or more.

  • Take what you need and leave the rest. You may find you can only take in so much at one time. I embrace all faiths and find myself with an ecclectic spritual practice. Christian, Hindu, Yoga, The Secret and Native American spiritual practices all influence my way of connecting to my HP.

  • Never stop exploring. So if you already have a belief system, take it deeper, learn more. If you have turned away find a way back or take a new path. If you are starting from scratch get out there and explore what is available to you.

  • Spiritual paths you can explore:

  • Formal religions: Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism

  • A group of people other than yourself

  • Native American spirituality

  • The Secret

  • Life Force Energy (Ki, Chi, Prana, The Force, Bioplasmic Energy, etc.)

  • Nature

Wherever you are on your journey have fun and never forget rule #62!

AA Tradition Four "Middleton Group #1, Rule #62." -> "don't take yourself too damn seriously."

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