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Updated: May 30, 2023

The ebb and flow of the tides caused by the gravitational field of the sun and moon is a phenomenon we may experience in our own recovery. Learning to trust this back and forth, understand it is part of life, and find the tools to move with the tides with more ease is part of what I have had to learn. It has taken me a long time to understand the concept.

I can remember around five or six years into my recovery my sponsor suggesting I write down on a calendar just a word or two of how I felt each day. The objective was to look for a pattern, to see if my highs and lows were clearly in a cycle. Of course, the results were obvious that this woman felt that lunar energy every month. It may sound crazy to someone who does not connect on this level, but my sleep and energy are very very clearly touched every month like clockwork.

One of the most important things I have developed is to be gentle with myself during these times. Although frustration may rear its ugly head, it does not last. It does not take over for more than a few moments. Meetings, step work, breathwork, prayer, meditation, fresh air, yoga, energy work, and staying connected to my network all play a role in the ability to ride the waves.

If I wish to experience the high points in life, the joy of recovery, the excitement of life, the beauty around me, love and friendships, laughter, and other positive vibes, I must also be willing to experience those low points as well. Of course, they don't feel good. Who wants to feel sad, discouraged, afraid, lonely, and tired? Learning to feel those feelings and know with complete certainty the tide will change, those feelings will shift, and everything will be alright is where faith comes in. Mix that faith with several years of experience and that is where certainty enters.

Develop your toolbox to ride the waves as comfortably as possible. Enjoy the loveliness in life, and don't fear the lows. Learn to trust and be gentle with yourself. Keep moving forward and stay connected.

FIND A GRATITUDE TODAY and hold onto that feeling. Plant that seed in your heart and let it grow.

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