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Updated: May 29, 2023

When we disconnect from the source that provides us with a sense of foundation and stability, we become vulnerable to the challenges related to the first chakra. We are meant to “put down our roots”, literally extend the channels of our root chakra energetically into the earth, and receive the life force energy. If however we do not feel safe, or we don’t trust the solidity of the ground beneath us, we tend to withdraw, contract and disconnect from the source of our vitality. We walk around feeling spacey and disconnected because we have lost our ground and our sense of belonging. We may try to anchor ourselves by adding more girth to our physical form or try to escape by denying the needs of our bodies altogether. Below is a list of several root chakra challenges. Which of the challenges are significant to your life’s journey? How can your Yoga4Sobriety practices support you in developing more awareness around your challenges? Can you get a glimpse of the awakening possible for you as you work to resolve the obstacles you face?

  • Anxiety

  • Financial Insecurity

  • Lack of Discipline

  • Victim Mentality

  • Restlessness

  • Feeling Disconnected

  • Difficulty Manifesting

The gifts we are meant to uncover at the level of the root chakra involve our capacity to feel safe enough to fully embody in our vehicle. When we can plug into the energy below our feet while remaining aware and connected to the energy of our source above us, only then can we accomplish what we came here to do. Through our roots, we connect to the energy of our eternal Mother. We get a sense that we landed in the right place and that we are meant to be here. This sense of belonging allows us to let go of the tendency to pull up and in, and away from the earth. We allow ourselves to arrive, to be here fully present for the task ahead. We are able to take responsibility for our actions, and we know how to nourish ourselves. Below is a list of some of the gifts bestowed upon us by Muladhara. Take some time to reflect upon and be grateful for the gifts you have been given. How have the gifts of your root chakra supported your recovery? Are there other gifts you might allow yourself to receive?

  • Feeling Safe

  • Prosperous

  • Stability

  • Ability to Relax

  • Vitality

  • Good Health

  • Grounded

The Challenges and Gifts of our Root Chakra is an excerpt from Melinda's upcoming book, From Earth to Enlightenment: Awaken to Your Full Potential, a guide to your unique journey of awakening. She is also the creator of Melinda’s Chakra Journey Game®, which explores the gifts we receive, and the challenges we face that inspire our evolution toward realizing our full capacity as light beings fully embodied in a human form.

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