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Unveiling Self-Discovery in Recovery

October 17 - 20, 2024
Newport, Pennsylvania

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Embark on a transformative long weekend journey with Gwen R. as your guide, delving deep into the realms of your energy. With a keen emphasis on shedding what no longer aligns with your recovery, Gwen invites you to join a select group of seekers in a profound exploration.

Limited to just seven participants, this intimate, intensive program promises personalized attention from Gwen herself. Each attendee will have the unique opportunity for one-on-one guidance, ensuring a deeply enriching experience tailored to individual needs.

Prepare to forge meaningful connections and bond intimately with like-minded souls, as we navigate the depths of self-discovery and liberation together. This intensive promises exploration and the forging of lasting connections that resonate beyond the confines of our time together.

During your stay at this private home on 48 acres, you'll delve into various practices, including a full moon ceremony, EFT, energy-releasing techniques, pendulum play, yogic sleep, and additional transformative modalities, all while being nourished with healthy foods and uplifting energy.


  • Eight meals

  • Private rooms

  • Four bathrooms

  • Three Yoga4Sobriety practices

  • Three Meditation4Sobriety practices

  • A 30-minute one-on-one with Gwen R.

  • Two ceremonies

  • Downtime for journaling, connecting, or optional self-development worksheets

  • Six+ hours of education with experiential practices

  • Three recovery-sharing circles

Total cost: $1111

Reserve your room below with a non-refundable payment of $555.50

Final payment will be due no later than September 17, 2024 An invoice for your final payment will be sent to you after you have reserved your spot.

Each reservation holds immense significance to me as an independent business owner. Pouring my heart, time, and energy into organizing these intensives is a labor of love. However, I also incur non-recoverable expenses upfront to bring these experiences to life. Therefore, I urge you to review the terms and conditions before booking carefully. Your deposit transfer indicates your understanding and agreement with the terms outlined on this page. Your cooperation is deeply appreciated. Thank you!

The deposit is non-refundable as it covers the costs of finding a replacement or the risk of not finding one. This policy does not allow for exceptions under any circumstances, including positive COVID-19 tests, health issues, emergencies, weather conditions, or changes of mind, due to the non-recoverable payments required in advance to secure the retreat. The fees remain non-refundable if you cannot attend the retreat due to unforeseen circumstances such as strikes, weather conditions, or travel disruptions. Additionally, arriving late or departing early will not result in a refund for the remaining time of your scheduled stay.

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