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Frequently in recovery there is a disconnect from steps 4 and 5 to 8 and 9. Steps 4, 5, 8, and 9 require a more tangible approach. Taking out pen and paper and writing a list helps to then move into 5 and 9. But what happened to 6 and 7? Those lovely wonderful steps that actually help us change. When letting go of defects of character there is a need for inner strength to facilitate these changes. If I am loud and overbearing how can I change this behavior? That is what I know? Reaching out to a greater power for willingness is a beginning. The ability to make the change has to come from within using the strength given. With humility guiding the way and continued support from a greater power the process of transformation can begin.

But where do we go from there? How to align this inner will and strength with the will of a power greater than ourseleves can be a challenge. This is when we can really focus on the third chakra whose purpose is transformation. Creating balanced, focused, transformative energy takes some mindfulness. With sustained effort and strength from a greater power, defects of character can begin to melt away.

Your third chakra is located in the center of your body, most of us refer to it as the core. It includes the digestive system and is the source of strength, power, and will you need to tap into. The element of this chakra is fire. Keep all of this in mind as you work steps 6 and 7.

To generate this type of energy, a focused balanced energy, begin building a heat inducing yoga practice or workout. Make it a manageable practive that fits your life. If it is five minutes in the morning to get your fire moving start there. You can always build up slowly at your pace.

Eat foods that will support digestion and drink plenty of room temperature water. Cold water, although tasty, can put out that inner fire you are looking to build. Use this increase in energy to begin changing behaviors - character defects. If you are late try to arrive early, if your loud lower your voice, if you are reactive use this energy to not react.

Whatever it is your looking to change remember:

- Be entirely ready to make the change (one defect at a time)

- With humility ask a power greater than yourself to remove this defect

- Align your will, using third chakra power, with that of a greater power to facilitate change

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