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One Breath at a Time

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Hi everyone, This week we read up to pg 76 Too Much Wisdom. we talked about language and how "words are only an attempt to represent reality, they are not reality itself" p73.

We also talked about "the need for balance between faith and wisdom" p75 "with too much faith, we no longer question anuything." With too much wisdom... the academic mantra "what are your sources?"... there is no room for imagination or discovery"p75-6

So the contemplative question for this week is how well do you balance faith and wisdom? What side do you tend to lean towards more? And where ( if anywhere) has this caused a problem for you.

For me, I tend to lean more towards faith, and living in and from the heart, and sometimes have to make a conscious effort to question what I believe in terms of how true it is or at least how true it is for me. I have found that meditation groups and groups that discuss teachings and books I'm reading help me to see things from a different perspective and allow me to balance wisdom and faith more effectively.

What about you?


I am grateful that I don't know and I allow my higher power to do the thinking for me. I just follow the path put in front of me and trust that I am supported. I have the ability to remain teachable and I get to learn every day.



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