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One Breath at a Time

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Hi everyone. This week we read up to p194 Bill. We talked about making amends and how they were received.

This week's question is based around this line from Kevin "So, ultimately, the amends process isn't for the other, but for the self." [p193

How has that been true in your experience? Do you feel like you benefited more from your amends than the other person?

Also, do you understand the wisdom of those amends you shouldn't make? "except when to do so would injure them or others" is right from Step Nine, but often doesn't seem as obvious to us when we want to clean our side of the street. Your thoughts?

For me, I definitely benefited more than all the others I made amends to, but most were grateful for the acknowledgment. My mother specifically asked me not to tell her any details as she didn't want to know, so I didn't. I wanted so badly to be honest and tell it all but it wasn't the right thing to do as it was just to make me feel better, and I had a sponsor who pointed that out.

5 days ago

Thank you for the meeting. Making amends for me was more like a living amends for most people that needed amends. I am grateful to clean my side of the street and right my wrongs. I feel lighter and free with no secrets of guilt/shame about the things I have done to the people I love. This program is amazing and I am happy to have seat. God Bless.



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