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One Breath at a Time

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Hi Everyone, this week we read up to pg 100 and will be starting with Aversion next week. Tonight's discussion and reading was about Buddhist inventory, and the hindrance of craving and desire. We talked about how sugar is a struggle for some of us, but really how a little of something can set off the craving of desire and often leads to unmananageabilty.

So this week's contemplative question is how do you relate to your cravings? How does awareness help to temper your reaction? Like it said in the reading " soon as I shined a light on it, (desire) it scurried like a cockroach when you turn on the kitchen light."

For me, this isn't a done deal, but rather, a continual work in progress, even with a daily meditation practice. Sometimes, I can be aware of a craving and still give in to it, like the sugar urge we talked about at the meeting. However, just pausing and being aware that it is a craving and will pass, does work for me, just not every time. I hope to get there. LOL Like I said, it's a work in progress and a continual inventory helps as I can do a 10th step and see what I'd like to do better tomorrow.

What about you?



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