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After being sober for a little while, I started practicing yoga. I was learning how to meditate, how to get out of my head and into my body when I was introduced to Yoga. Yoga allows me to just be; accept all that I am and be the woman that I am without self-judgment

. I can’t do all the poses perfectly, I never will be able to. I learned that the poses I don’t enjoy doing are the poses I need to practice the most. I learned about the Chakras, I met some amazing people and it led me to learn so much more about my body. Yoga is an amazing tool that I practice daily. I have incorporated it into my post work out routine as a means of stretching and feeling into my body. There are so many types of yoga; Yoga4Sobriety has been my favorite. It’s not too difficult, but it’s enough. My experience with learning yoga, the chakras, my body, breathing and so much more has been amazing. Thank you Gwen; you are much appreciated. I even got to go on my first yoga retreat to Costa Rica which taught me how to get my first passport. It’s a tool that opened up many other avenues and learning experiences in my life. I am grateful for my yoga practice.


Shannin C.

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