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Chant Om Paraanandaaya Namaha

Known as the happiness mantra, this beautiful chant is said to tap into the joy within. It is saying happiness is a choice. Consider using this when working on Step Twelve, especially before any speaking commitments.

While chanting Om Paraanandaaya Namaha, let go of all you can and connect to the vibration of the sounds. Get lost in the sweetness of each moment.

MEANING: I am one with Divine Happiness

When learning a new chant, I like to play it, read it, and chant along, learning the pronunciation of each syllable.

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3 Reasons to Practice Chanting

Here are three reasons to consider bringing this chant and chanting in general into your practice.

  1. Invoke Blissful Energy: Chanting this mantra can help invoke and connect with the divine energy of supreme bliss (Paraananda). It can uplift the mood, bring about a sense of joy, and cultivate inner peace and contentment.

  2. Spiritual Connection: Chanting this mantra may deepen one's spiritual connection and alignment with higher consciousness. It serves as a reminder of the ultimate goal of spiritual practice: to experience profound happiness and fulfillment beyond material pleasures.

  3. Release Stress and Anxiety: Regularly chanting this mantra can help reduce stress, anxiety, and negativity. It is a powerful tool for relaxation, promoting mental clarity, and creating a sense of harmony within oneself.

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