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written 12.29.2012

Staying plugged in keeps me growing. My journey has been seeking and being. For me, this means I go into different modes. I want to describe two of the modes I operate on. There are more but let's keep it simple.

Seeking for me happens when I become restless, irritable, and discontent. This is when I get into solution mode. For me, solution mode always comes to Step work, focusing on my conscious contact with my HP. I will pick my sponsor's brain, hit the book store for inspirational books, and read read read. Sometimes it is more about sitting and being quiet. I will light candles and work on being still to be inspired by my God/HP/the universe. In any case, I go into seeking mode because "God could and would if He were sought." So I seek. My next mode is being. Just being in life. Experiencing each moment. Living through the ins and outs of each day. Some days bumpier than others. The seeking I do allows me to live. To participate. Not perfectly. Not saint-like. It allows me to have the strength, energy, freedom to live soberly. If you're seeking ways to improve your conscious contact with God, start talking to others in your support network. Hit the bookstore. Hit your knees. Go to your church, a yoga center, nature reserve, retreat house, etc. Whatever you need to do to connect with your understanding of God. Because HE CAN AND WILL IF YOU SEEK.

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Sorry for the delayed response. Just what I needed today! I hope your day is as wonderful as you..♡

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