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One of the hardest things for many people in recovery is making commitments. Commiting to the recovery process or any healthy part of your life (yoga "wink wink") can be beneficial. It teaches us discipline as well as building stability. Commitment to something besides our personal desires teaches us how to get out of ourselves and move towards others and our HP.

One amazing definition of commitment I found is on the Janssen Sports Leadership page.

"Commitment is a serious, long-term promise you make and keep with yourself and others to fully dedicate yourself to your task, training and/or team, even when, and especially when times are tough. Further, commitment means not only promising to do something, but much more importantly, actually investing the necessary effort and actions to make it happen."

Are you committed to team recovery? Do a short inventory of commentments in the past 5 years. How many are you still commited to? Have you lost your mojo? Are you willing to recommit as defined above?

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