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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This morning I had a beautiful meditation practice. The weather was perfect for outdoor meditation as I sat facing the east with the sun shifting into me.

I began to practice with several rounds of rapid breathing followed by alternate nostril breathing. Next, I moved into my Ganesha mantra, chanting 108 rounds with my mala. Intuitively I moved into mudras starting from my root chakra, connecting to earth I took TWELVE slow breaths honoring my Twelve Step program for living. I next moved to the second chakra and repeated all the way up to the crown chakra.

When I began my practice today I felt anxious, overwhelmed, and unfocused and wanted to clear my energy for some deeper tapping work. What happend was great, the anxious, overwhelmed, and unfocused shifted to a calmer more centered energy. Why do I still get amazed at the amazing power these practices bring! I did continue with my tapping (EFT) practice but was able to focus on a more specific statement.

What I would love for you to take away from this post it to just do what intuitively feels right for you, but just do it. Learn new practices and play with them to build on that intuitive toolbox. Remember, you can only deepen your experiences by actually practicing.

Download your Twelve Step Mudra Meditation practice guide

Twelve Step Chakra Mudra Meditation
Download PDF • 4.46MB

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