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Chakra Coaching for Recovery with Gwen R.

Over the years, I have gone to therapy for many things and worked with several different therapists for different issues. Over the past ten years, I have worked more with mentors and coaches. Having guidance and an extra set of eyes and ears brings richness and depth to my recovery and overall mental wellness. Here are the three top reasons I continue to work with coaches and mentors.

  1. ACCOUNTABILITY - Being officially accountable for my personal and professional development has proven to have extensive results. Having a specific direction to take, homework or projects to complete keeps me moving forward, and the results are always exciting. That excitement encourages further exploration and growth.

  2. PROGRESS - Whenever I feel stuck or get into a complacent state of mind, getting that new or different perspective is essential for me. Just like in my recovery, I need other perspectives for my personal and professional development. If I want to keep moving forward, I need others who I respect to guide me.

  3. LEARNING - There is always more to learn. More to learn about myself, my work, my relationships, my recovery, self-care, and so on. I am interested in learning more about many things, and Google can only take a person so far. Connecting with someone who can teach, mentor, and guide me on this journey ranks high on things I value.

What I get from working with therapists, coaches, and mentors cannot be fully expressed in three points. I give you these top three as a starting point of things to consider when seeking additional support on your recovery journey.

Om Shanti

Peace Peace Peace ♥

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