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Advanced Training
How to Run a Group
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Once you successfully finish Level Two - Module One, "Making the Chakra Step Connection," you can proceed to the next step: "How to Run a Group."

To attain full certification as an Advanced Yoga4Sobriety Instructor, it's essential to first complete Level One, which encompasses the comprehensive 25-Hour Core Curriculum.

Upon purchasing, you will promptly receive a download link and email containing the necessary information and password for accessing this module.

After successfully completing:

  • Level One | The 25-Hour Core Curriculum

  • Level Two | Module One | 46-Hour Making the Chakra Step Connection

  • Level Two | Module Two | How to Run a Group

You will officially become an Advanced Yoga4Sobriety Instructor, and you'll be provided with the seven-week curriculum along with teachers' copies. Congratulations on reaching this significant milestone!

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