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"My Dear Gwen:

I just finished turning the pages through your whole amazing project coordinating the chakras to 12 steps. What a truly outstanding piece of work you have done here! It’s visually beautiful, it’s original, it’s well-conceived, artistically presented, and makes a valuable contribution. Outstanding in all areas and a pleasure to read through. Really, really good."

My Project for the Sacred Centers Program

The Eight Eighty-Eight Collection

~Anodea Judith

Pink Sky

"In numerology, the number eight represents strength and vitality. The more the same numbers in a row, 888, the more strength and power of the vibration manifested into the world.  It also represents As Above, So Below. The balance of the material world on the bottom, chakras one, two, and three, with the spiritual world, the top three chakras five, six, and seven. The fourth chakra, the heart, is the meeting point at the center of the eight. All things must go through the heart to establish balance. Our goal is to connect the material and spiritual worlds within ourselves. It is known to be the path or journey of self-esteem. The number eight also deals with money, abundance when coming in and when too much is going out scarcity."

A Celebration of Yoga4Sobriety's Eighth Birthday

The Eight Eighty-Eight Collection

~Susan LeBoutillier

Pink Clouds

Seven Virtual Flipbooks

The Eight Eighty-Eight Collection

The 888 Collection explores the liberating paths up the chakra system and the Twelve Step path of recovery.  These colorful flipbooks include journaling prompts, experiential practices, and ways to bring the chakras into your sacred space.  Each workbook closes with a chakra step prayer that you can use in your daily Step Eleven practice.

Get Access to the Seven Flipbook Virtual Collection for $8.88

Printable PDF formats are also available for $4.44 each

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