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2nd Annual Sangha Festival

July 13-16, 2023

Tico Time River Resort in Aztec, NM.

20 Min south of Durango, CO.

20 Road 2050, Aztec, NM 87410


Join Gwen R. for a Yoga4Sobriety workshop at either of the following times

  • Friday, July 14, 10-1130am at the Pavilion

  • Saturday, July 15, 1-230pm at the Meditation River Deck


Sangha Festival celebrates all that encourages wellness, community, and spiritual/ personal development. Yoga, breath, music, meditation, movement, art, dance, nature, ceremony, play...

Sangha is the Sanskrit word for community or assembly, and that is exactly the mission of Sangha Fest: To unite communities, inspire growth, and come together in celebration and prayer.

Tucked along the Animus River Valley, our venue is truly a paradise. Tico Time River Resort has RV sites, car camping, primitive wooded camping, multiple ponds, beaches, water slides, paddle boards, zip lines, and hiking trails. All this is host to a weekend filled with Yoga Classes, Workshops, Kirtan artists, live performers, and Ecstatic Dance. 

The Festival will have Vegan food vendors, and in support of our mission of ahimsa, non-harming, we strive for zero waste. We honor the land we get to stand on and all beings we share this land with.

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