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Last year, I planted two peony bushes, inspired by their stunning blooms and the dream of cutting my own flowers.

I knew patience was key to enjoying these natural gifts in my garden. Summer came and went. Fall and winter passed, too. As early spring arrived, I eagerly watched for signs of life from my pink beauties. In April, I finally saw the plants emerging from the ground. Each day, I checked their progress, and slowly but surely, they reached for the sun. Buds formed, and eventually, the flowers began to open.

Today, I was thrilled to create two beautiful bundles for my living room, enjoying the splendor of these magnificent blooms.

This process of nurturing and waiting for beauty to unfold mirrors my journey in my recovery garden. There are times when I see no buds or flowers, and sometimes, it feels like I'm not even breaking through the surface in certain areas of my life. Yet, as I continue to nourish my recovery, the blooms that do appear remind me of the patience required to truly appreciate the beauty of this journey. The amazing part is that there are countless blooms of unimaginable beauty, all year round. I just need to trust, be patient, and keep nurturing, even when I can't see what will blossom.

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