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There are times in life when I am working hard and still just don't feel good, enough, positive, etc. These struggles, the downs on the roller coaster, have become my biggest teachers. The bigger the struggle to more powerful the message.

This is what is known as life on life's terms. Sometimes we get dealt with things we don't like. When I can step back, accept the hand I have been dealt, continue to live in the solution, and be compassionate with myself in the process, things feel much more manageable.

In my blog post, The Ebb and Flow of Recovery, I write "One of the most important things I have developed is to be gentle with myself during these times. Although frustration may rear its ugly head, it does not last." Yesterday I experienced that frustration and I can tell you for exactly how long. From 10:45 AM till 2:00 PM. This is a much longer time span for me and there are a few contributing factors to that.

  1. I had not eaten breakfast before going to a 10:15 AM Dr. appt. I thought it would be quick and I could grab something after.

  2. The 10:15 AM appointment took much longer than anticipated, not being done until 11:50 AM.

  3. During the waiting period at the Dr., I began to stress because I was on a schedule, and the longer I was there the tighter the schedule became, I felt squeezed.

  4. I was Hungry, Angry, Lonely, and Tired which interfered with my ability to feel and function with acceptance. Sprinkle some menopausal imbalance on top and you have the perfect storm.

How do I recover from this without it turning into a complete meltdown? I use The 6 Steps I Take to Work Through Emotional Triggers. In this case, FOOD was a top priority in addition to my regular process. I was working on those 6 steps while getting my son to work and getting back to the house. While talking through it with a few in my network, I fed my poor deprived body, and within 20 - 25 minutes of eating I started to feel human again. My final stage was really being gentle with myself but it did take me a minute to get there.

Lessons I continue to learn to deal with these same issues.

  1. Don't skip breakfast! Especially when I will be out and about and the food options are less healthy. I know better but I still mess up.

  2. When I am on the low of the roller coaster, from the crown of my head down to the tips of my toes I understand that the struggle will benefit others in some way. I will move up and out of the struggle and emerge stronger. Of this, I am absolutely sure. It has been shown to me time and time again.

  3. Enjoy the feel-good moments. In spite of how I may be feeling physically, mentally, or emotionally, I STILL get feel-good moments during the struggle. Humor and connecting with others still give me the most delicious feel-goods. I embrace them fully.

  4. Never stop growing, developing my spiritual practices, and learning.

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