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Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This post is dedicated to a very special person who is struggling to let go. I will share my experience, strength, and hope with the many ways I practice LETTING GO.

The first 3 I have mentioned already on this blog, see 3 Ways I Learned to Let Go.

These include:

  • The Serenity Prayer

  • The God Box

  • The Surrender Breath

Let's add a few more ways to let go.

  • Let Go Physically

  • This is great in so many ways. We "hold" tension in the body,

this tension represents our fears, need to control, stuffing emotions, etc. To teach the mind and spirit how to LET GO we can begin to let go physically.

  • Find a comfortable position. Laying down is great or if you have a favorite resting yoga posture settle into your pose. Begin to scan the body from the toes slowly up to the crown of the head. Focus on each body part and see if you can relax a little deeper with each exhalation.

  • Affirmation Combination Letting Go

  • This requires a combination of using an affirmation, the surrender breath, and physical release.

  • First find an affirmation that speaks to you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Higher Power please take this

  • I have faith

  • Everything is OK

  • Let Go

  • Trust

  • Next

  • Next, take a deep breath in bringing the shoulders up the ears, hold the breath for a moment, let the shoulders drop, and then say your affirmation aloud. Now scan the body and continue to let go of any held physical tension. Repeat for several rounds as needed.

  • Ritual

  • The fire pit has been used in rituals for centuries in many

religions and spiritual practices. Learn more HERE. This is similar to the God box in concept but brings in the element of fire which may speak to you more.

  • Write down what you are letting go of.

  • Place your paper in a safe, contained fire.

  • Say a prayer, the Third Step Prayer would be great here but you can choose whatever speaks to you.

  • Play music, light candles, burn sage or incense.

  • Make this ritual meaningful for you! Be creative.

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