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The past two weeks I have been in a battle with my own demons which manifest in generalized anxiety. Downward facing dog, my go to pose for all things uncomfortable, helps me with some of the physical sensations that accompany the anxiety. Breathwork allows me to feel the discomfort and not have to reach for a substance to turn it all off. Working with others is the best distraction of all. But let's face it, if you have ever suffered from anxiety you know it just sucks. The gift of having experience is knowing "this too shall pass." Understanding this softens the intensity. My progress is allowing myself a small amount of bitching and moaning with a lightened schedule so I am able to regain my footing.

I am forever grateful for the slogan "progress not perfection." This gives me the space to work through my inner struggles a little clumsily. Yes, for me, that is how it feels, clumsy. Through the process I can still find laughter, joy, and most importantly HOPE.

If you are struggling right now remember two things...

1. This too shall pass

2. Progress not perfection

Ease up on yourself. Breathe deeply. Hit the mat. Pick up the phone. Go to a meeting. You are not alone.

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