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One Breath at a Time

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The question for contemplation from tonight's group was about this quote from Kevin "I didn't get around to actually learning to meditate for years, but when I did my addictive impulses served me well for once, as I stuck religiously to the twice-daily routine."

So consider how or when your own addictive/alcoholic impulses or tendencies may have actually served you instead of harmed you.

Can you think of any time or way? Please share about it here.

I know that for me, I can be compulsive about almost anything, but there have been times when it's seemed helpful, like when riding my bicycle or working out. However, it is something that I have to be very mindful of as I can easily overdo anything, even something healthy. For example, I injured my lower back overplanking!!!!! That did not "serve me well". However, it is an interesting perspective to bring into our awareness, those ways that it has served us, or might. Perhaps the most relevant words to note in his quote are "for once". LOL

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Jami Arias
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My compulsive, addictive/alcoholic impulses or tendencies that have actually served me instead of harmed was positive. When I stopped drinking and I was given all this time back in my life it came in handy when I had to start to act on my recovery plan with my mental illness & my addiction. It kept me on track with medication compliance, my coping exercises and never missing our weekly meditation sessions with Tanya. I was able to have lists for every thing I needed to get done, I had carved out time for journaling more and doing creative art as a way to heal. I did feel extremely productive and motivated. When I compared this to my life prior when drinking was my first task of the day, I felt then I didn’t pay attention to the tiny details or how much time was lost between my day. I am definitely happy that I did take something that was negative when it came to my compulsive behavior and drinking. A year later seeing all the little successes and accomplishments come to light. When I have the thought of even relapsing mentally or compulsively, I look back at those moments with a smile and I keep moving it forward.

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