February 16, 2020


The most important thing to remember is to bring love into every aspect of your ritual.  Make it special.



SET UP. Clear your sacred space. Put away any clutter, wipe down any dust, clean any glass objects or tableto...

October 22, 2018

Here are a few ways we can work on supporting our immune systems to work through the cold.

  1. Drink green tea - This will boost T cells that are important to the immune system.

  2. Add fresh ginger to your tea or food - Fresh ginger stimulates the respirator...

December 2, 2017

I happen to LOVE Christmas.  I love the yummy smells of baked goods, Christmas decorations, entertaining and gift giving.  That said... I do not love the chaos or anything that turns to an obligation. Over the years I have learned ways to make the most of my holiday so...

August 31, 2017

One of the gifts of my recovery has been the joy I experience in my day to day life.  What many people may not see in me is the seriousness I do place on my recovery.  For me it is no joke.  When push comes to shove my recovery is number one.  There is n...

August 31, 2017

In honor of September being National Recovery Month and National Yoga Month, Gwen has decided to put out an "Attitude of Gratitude" challenge. The premise is that you post something that you are grateful for each day of September. Sounds like a wonderful idea. I believ...

February 6, 2017

The disease of addiction is described as cunning. I always knew the definition of the word but I never felt it's meaning until recovery opened up my eyes to self-reflection. Learning the ability to step outside of myself and my waning emotions to evaluate my part in a...

October 26, 2015

In the program of recovery the 10th step tells me restraint of tongue and pen are a top priority.


The 5th chakra located in the throat is about communication.  Learning to speak up when needed and to keep it zipped as appropriate is a tricky balancing act.  



September 3, 2015


I love September. ♥  There are so many reasons for this but I will focus on the fact that we celebrate two loved parts of my life.  Recovery and Yoga.  


National Recovery Month is to increase awareness and understanding of mental and substance use issues...

July 30, 2015

The Root Chakra

Steps 1, 2, 3

Element - Earth

Color - Red

Mantra - LAM

Affirmation - I AM


Think of yourself as a tree having spiritual roots going deep into the earth.  The earth represents your HP and each shoot off your root system represents a part of your support networ...

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January 28, 2020

August 12, 2019

October 30, 2018

October 22, 2018

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