Ambassador Training Module 3
Trauma Education for Yoga Teachers
3 Hours

Facilitator Kathryn Townsend will deepen your understanding of teaching trauma-sensitive yoga in this three-hour training.


We will cover the following:


Understanding Trauma: 

- How it is stored in the brain and body

- The effects on all life areas

- Trauma in correctional populations and inpatient settings

- Identifying behaviors of trauma you may see on the mat

- Understanding trauma sensitivity


Registration Cost: $90.00


June 23, 2019

10 AM - 1 PM


The Camel Clubhouse

117 W. Ward St.

Second Floor

Hightstown NJ 08520

(above the 4 Seasons Deli Cafe - parking and entrance in the rear of the building)


Please pay and complete the registration form below to reserve your spot.


One week prior to your training a PDF of our manual will be sent to you. Once you have received our manual there will be NO REFUNDS.

30 Days prior to training a partial refund of one half of the registration cost will be issued or registration cost can be applied toward another scheduled training.



Contact Gwen R. with any questions

Kathryn Townsend

Kathryn Townsend, MA, LCADC, has worked in many capacities in the field of human services since 1972: as a clinician, administrator, trainer, program developer and systems change agent.  She is a certified Instructor for both Mental Health First Aid, and Mental Health First Aid for Veterans and Their Families. During the 9/11 attacks, she was assigned as a key staff member in New Jersey's response, and wrote a book about her extraordinary team of clinicians: "Stones In My Heart Forever 9-11: A Journey Through Courage, Strength and Hope."  In 2013, Kathi published her second book:  “Escape From the Land of the Hungry Ghosts”  - a fusion of behavioral health theory and treatment, eastern arts, meditation, 12 step program, and spirituality to provide hope, compassion and healing for those with stress and chaos in their lives.

She is a faculty member of the Rutgers School of Social Work Continuing Education, and Center of Alcohol Studies Continuing Education and Summer Schools.

Kathi has extensive training and experience in Eastern Arts:

  • Hindu Yoga and meditation since 1969, is certified in both, and has taught since 1972.  Kathi is a member of the International Meditation Teachers Alliance.

  • Training and teaching Tai Chi and 7 Star Praying Mantis Kung Fu since 1987.

  • In 1984, received Master’s Level Certification in Usui Reiki, being five removed from Mikao Usui in lineage. She provides traditional Usui Reiki treatments, instruction, and initiations to Masters Level and holds membership in the International Association of Reiki Professionals.  

  • She developed an innovative system of teaching yoga, meditation, stress management and energy work to dogs and their humans, called Pawsitive Energy in 1990.

The camel each day goes twice to his knees.

He picks up his load with the greatest of ease.

He walks through the day with his head held high.
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